Features of allusion blinds

Choosing allusion blinds should not be a complex task as mostly perceived. If you want a modern look in your living room, you should consider choosing from the colors available. They are limited to only 5 colors, which are specifically designed to match most interior decors of households. This means you do not have much of a problem in finding the right one for you. You may either choose a matching color or contrasting color for the best unique look. The allusion blinds are known for their elegance and beauty, which transforms living rooms in homes into sophisticated designs.

The features include; Flexibility

These curtain alternatives come with the ability to transform households instantly. You can allow as much light as possible without compromising on your privacy. At the same time, you can completely blind the exterior and maintain total darkness inside. You can never go wrong with flexibility.


Allusion blinds are designed to bring elegance to your living room and bedroom. The modern sophisticated look is irresistible and never boring to live in. There are up to 5 color options to choose from.

Flame retardant fabric

In case of a fire, you are safely protected by the flame retardant fabric. This material is resistant to fires and will stop a fire spreading although it will burn down. It is also child-safe to avoid accidents from toddlers and pets.


The allusion blinds have creative designs, which combine versatility with elegance. They have rotating louvers to fit the vertical design and a fineness you will not find in any curtains or blinds. This is the latest form of modern interior designer blinds you need to find.

Room divider

The allusion blinds can also act as excellent room dividers to accommodate a dress up or patio door.